Top Tips to Pack Veg in Your Child’s Lunchbox

With children now back at school for the Autumn term, I’ve come up with some top tips to help you pack veg in to your child’s lunchbox. Adding veg to your child’s lunchbox is a great way to help them get their 5 a day. Aim to include at least one vegetable in their lunchbox everyday. Variety is key so try to vary the veg that you put in the lunchbox. If your child isn’t a keen vegetable eater, repeated exposure will help them become more accepting of new tastes over time.

Tip 1 – Add Crudités


Veg that make great crudités include celery, pepper, cucumber and carrot but you can also use slices of radish, baby sweetcorn, cooked asparagus spears and broccoli. Kids love to dip so it’s great to add a dip for the crudités or salad sticks such as hummus, soft cheese or my yoghurt and mint dip to go with my Salad Sticks recipe I created for Veg Power. You can find this recipe in the recipe section of this website.

Tip 2 – Pack veg in sandwiches


Tip 3- Add a salad pot

Salad pot

Tip 4 – Add a salad stick

Salad stick

You can also thread chunkier pieces of veg on to a salad stick including lettuce, cooked beetroot, cucumber, tomatoes, pepper, radish plus many other salad veg. Use leftover veg from the fridge and veg in season.

These are just some of my suggestions to pack veg in lunchboxes. What ideas do you have? Let me know in the comments.

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