What do I do as a Nutritionist?

As a Freelance Nutritionist, my work is very varied but what do I actually do? It’s the first question I get asked when I meet a new client or another Nutritionist so I thought I would put a post together to explain. I’ll be sharing more detail on each of these areas in the coming weeks.

I do a lot of small pieces of work for a wide variety of clients including national charities, government organisations, retailers, food companies, magazines and community interest companies to name just a few.

What most people know me as is the jobs lady helping Nutrition Graduates into jobs. This is something I’m extremely passionate at continuing alongside my other work to ensure that we get as many Registered Nutritionists into the workforce as possible. I share my skills and experience from years of job hunting and conducting interviews to help Graduates to get the job they want.

Supporting graduates is only a tiny part of my work as the majority of my time is spent on developing recipes, advising on national food projects, talking to the media, writing blogs, factsheets or magazine articles and campaigning. I am also currently writing a book but more about that to come.

I am extremely lucky to have such variety in my work and do a job that I enjoy so much, hopefully making a difference to the Nutrition community and the wider world.

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