Tis the Season for Indulgence but if you are looking for a healthier snack for your family or your children, have a go at making Father Christmas. He’s festive, fun and easy to make. You can even get your children involved to help.

How to Make Father Christmas

You will need

White or wholemeal pitta bread

Bananas, sliced


150g Cream cheese

Black olives

To make Father Christmas

1. Put a pitta bread in the middle of your plate, lengthways.

2. Use 2 tablespoons to shape the cream cheese into eyes and place them on the pitta bread.

3. Cut an olive in half, lengthways and place each half on the cream cheese to look like eyes.

4. Spoon some cream cheese across the top of the pitta bread to look like a fur trim.

5. Arrange the raspberries in a hat shape.

6. Dollop some more cream cheese on the end of the hat shape to make a fur pompom on the end of the hat.

7. Arrange the banana slices over the bottom of the pitta bread to make a beard shape.

8. Don’t forget to add a raspberry for a shiny, red nose!