Cucumber Christmas Trees

This is a lovely recipe to make with children but it also makes a lovely centrepiece for a Christmas party.


  • 1 whole cucumber
  • 2 carrots
  • 1 red pepper


  1. Peel the carrot and remove the top and tail.
  2. From the thicker end of the carrot, cut a base for your Christmas tree. Make as many trunks as you need.
  3. Cut a star from the pepper. I found this easier to do with a knife but if the pepper isn’t too thick, you could use a small star cutter.
  4. Using a small vegetable knife, cut thin strips lengthways from the cucumber. If you have a wide vegetable peeler, you could use this instead.
  5. Push a cocktail stick into the base of each of your carrots. Fold the cucumber strips until you have created a tree shape and place them carefully on the cocktail stick.
  6. Secure your tree with the pepper star on the top.
  7. Your Cucumber Christmas Trees are ready to be eaten or displayed.

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