Even the most reluctant of eaters will try new food when it’s attractively presented and themed. Making food that is Christmas-themed gives children a happy and positive experience with food that they will remember. ️It’s fun for adults too!

This snack idea is easy to make, quick and cheap too! You can even get your little one or children in your early years setting to make this with you.

You will need

– Cucumber
– Carrot
– Blueberries
– Raspberries

To make

1. Cut the carrots into baton shapes. Children can help to do this with a plastic knife under adult supervision.

2. Cut a slice of carrot into a star shape.

3. Cut a chunk of cucumber into a tree base shape.

4. Arrange your cucumber batons into a Christmas tree shape.

5. Decorate your tree with blueberries, raspberries and your carrot star.

You could use other fruit or veg to decorate your tree. Let your child use their imaginations to decorate the tree themselves.

Enjoy this as an after school or nursery snack this Christmas.